Creating The Right Menu For Your Commercial Catering Event


One of the most essential aspects of commercial catering is creating the perfect menu. Food can make or break an event and can often be the difference between guests having a good time, and a great time. At Four Elements, we understand just how essential food is. We love food, so we’ve put together this overview on creating the best menu possible.

Things To Consider

It’s important to consider the following areas before you decide on recipes and an overall menu for your commercial catering. Please see below for a deeper insight into these aspects.

Catering To A Commercial Audience

An essential aspect of creating a catering menu for a commercial event is knowing your audience. The people eating your food are what matter most. As a result, the menu should bring them joy and anticipation. This can be achieved by understanding the event organisers and the guest list. A great example of this would be if you were catering a commercial event around an industry that protects animal rights. If you were to serve a menu that relied heavily on a variety of meat, then this may not go down well.

The Event Theme

It’s important to assess the theme of the event. If it’s a formal occasion, then this should be reflected in the menu choices. A buffet of comfort food at a black-tie event would be out of place. Contrastingly, a 3-course tasting paired with a corresponding wine menu at a casual meet and greet event may be a bit over the top. It’s crucial to take into account all these aspects before deciding upon a menu so that the commercial catering fits the event being organized.

Dietary Restrictions

This may be the most important commercial catering consideration of all, dietary restrictions. Not only is this a matter of satisfaction for guests, but a health and safety concern too. Allergies and intolerances mean certain products such as gluten, shellfish and nuts may have to be removed entirely from the menu. It’s so crucial to know this kind of information to preserve the health of all those eating.

Location Of The Event

We recommend considering the event’s location before deciding on a definitive menu. For example, if you’re holding an occasion in the Spanish countryside then it would be appropriate to serve local cuisine in its standard form – like tapas. This not only makes using local, fresh ingredients easier, but it suits the environment that the event is being held in, too.

Get In Touch With Four Elements Catering For Commercial Events

At Four Elements Catering, we create the perfect menus for our commercial events. We consider all aspects including those mentioned here to tailor a dining experience that people won’t soon forget. To discuss a function, or for more information, contact one of our expert team today.


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