Catering Menu Styles To Impress Your Guests

food being served at a catering event

When it comes to catering, the menu is one of the most important aspects. You’ll want to ensure your guests are satisfied and impressed with the cuisine served. Whether it’s a themed function with food to complement the aesthetic, or a wedding with a fancy menu to match the event, your caterer can create the right food for the right situation. To help with this, we’ve put together a list of different catering menu examples as inspiration.

Classic Catering Menu

The traditional catering menu is always a classic. This covers a wide variety of dishes but is made up of well known and loved food we can all relate to. Whether that’s burgers, pizzas, pub classics such as pies and pasties, or even surf and turf, there’s a menu item to cater for everyone. Just because it’s a traditional menu doesn’t mean it can’t be unique, sophisticated and crafted with flare. A good catering company will put their own spin on these kinds of dishes to impress and delight your guests.

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Hybrid Fusion

Fusion is a modern type of cuisine that takes two different types of cultural food and combines them to create a blend of unique spice and flavour. Asian fusion is a prime example of this. It takes the unique ingredients of Asian food and combines them with other cuisines such as traditional Mexican. This can be utilised at your event to ensure that guests are exposed to new and exciting flavours that they may not be accustomed to.

Small Plates & Buffet Catering

Small plates and buffet catering is a great menu type to complement an informal and social event. Tapas, and buffet plates remove the formality of a seating plan and sit-down meal. Furthermore, it allows people to eat whilst socializing and getting to know everyone. If you prefer this informal style, then opting for this type of menu may be a good option. What’s more, small plates can still add a level of sophistication to your food, especially if you focus on Spanish tapas such as chorizo dishes, croquettes and even beef cheeks.

Choose Four Elements Catering for Exclusive & Unique Menus

Whether you’re looking at catering for a formal event, or a birthday, Four Elements has a menu to suit any occasion. We provide the highest quality food from some of the best chefs around to ensure you’re left happy and satisfied. For more information, give us a call today.


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